Aquafit is a multi-level pool workout that offers both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning by using the water’s resistance to tone your entire body. Get in the pool and give it a try!

Aquafit: Shallow Water

This shallow water class encourages self-pacing and offers modifications for all levels of fitness, with an emphasis on functional fitness.

April 4 - June 29 M/W/F 9:05am - 9:50am Regular Admission
April 3 - June 28 Tu/Th 6:05pm - 6:50pm Regular Admission

Aquafit: Deep Water

Swimming skill is not necessary as a floatation belt is worn during this non-weight bearing workout. Cues are given to increase or decrease intensity, making it suitable for all fitness levels. Core muscles are constantly challenged and engaged for the body to remain vertical.

April 4 - June 29 M/W/F 6:05pm - 6:50pm Regular Admission